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Welcome to my LJ page. Thanks for visiting! This is where I store all my fics. I only started writing in 2005, thanks to dmnutv_archer and her fantastic story HEAT. So far I've written a bunch of mostly oneshots fics, usually based upon Yamane Ayano's Viewfinder series (which for those who don't know it, is a yaoi manga series, with romance and sex between adult males).

About my writing: I basically do it because there are stories I want to read that no one else has written, so I write them. ^_^ And too, I write because I love the stories and characters and want to share that love with other fans. If I make someone glad they stopped to read one of my fics, my day is made. :)

The fics come in a fairly wide variety. Angst: Under the Silent Snow, The Devil in Me; Serious: Guardian, The Key to it All, Ripples in the Sea of Time, Everything to Lose, Back Where He Belongs, Giving and Receiving; Crack: Picnic, Vacation, And the Winner Is; Odd: Mirror Mirror, Illusions; Crossovers: His Worst Nightmare (Black Jewels and VF), Assassin (WK and VF), Dog and Wolf (Furuba and VF); Smut: Interruptions, Blowjob, A Fine Pair of Eyes, In the Shower (from Therapy), LA Story, Giving and Receiving, and Romance: Date with the Devil, Death Becomes Him, The Way You Look Tonight, Aftermath, and LA Story, Maybe. Most of my fics have a touch of romance because I love it. My favorite fic I've written? Giving and Receiving, though not everyone will like that one.

My most read fic is Therapy, a 3P that was one of the first things I ever wrote. It's an emotional ride written basically to show a friend that there's happiness on the other side of pain, and that's what I gave the main VF characters in it. It's a 15 chapter story with about 30 sequel oneshots. Most people either love it or hate it LOL.

Access to my fics

All of these fics are most easily accessed through my memories below, which you'll want to sort by description if chronological order is important, like in Therapy. Not everything on my LJ was stuck in there. There are odds and ends I left out. But almost all the fics ended up there. Note: Everyone can see all the titles of stories in the memories, but some are f-locked due to content.

All NC-17 fics are f-locked. That means the older ones are not posted at yamane_ayano because that comm didn't used to be age restricted. If you wish to read those, they are at club_sion, or if you're 18 or older you can post in my friends post here, providing your age, for access. If at any time you are found to be under 18, per LJ's TOS, access to these fics will be removed.


[Disclaimer: All fics within this journal contain characters created and owned by mangaka I adore, like Yamane Ayano, and the fics within are written solely for my personal pleasure, and in homage to them. I have posted them here to share with a few friends. All art in icons and banners except where otherwise noted is by Yamane Ayano.

Note about ages of characters herein: In case anyone is idiotic enough to think otherwise, all characters depicted in sexual situations within my NC-17 stories, all of which are f-locked, are the same ages that they are in the manga or older: Akihito (23), Asami (28/35), Feilong (21/28), Mikhail (~30), Yoh (~30), Kou (23); Tao is 22 in the one story where he's given a relationship.]

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Asami and Akihito: Heart of Darkness, Soul of Light
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